Discipline Over Laziness

The last couple mornings I woke up congested, feeling gross, lazy, cloudy, and so on.

Maybe I’m coming down with something, oh well. Yesterday, I powered through the excuse of “I’m not feeling well” and “I should rest and see if it gets better.” So, instead of making excuses for not being 100%, I sucked it up, and headed to the gym for chest day. I admit that it wasn’t the most intense, or heaviest session. I thought to myself, “What will give me more satisfaction, laying on the couch watching tv for an hour, or making progress.”

The choice was obvious at that point.

Lighter weights for me, were heavy, and I had no endurance. After two sets, I pulled out my phone and had the idea of looking at my wallpaper, my logo, brand, vision. After a moment, it all hit me. Something ignited, reminding me to continue on doing what I do, progress, and break the barriers holding me back.

I dropped back down on the bench and got to work.

My strength came back, and I was ready to push myself harder. I wanted to sweat; I was ready to put blood on that bar like it was holding me back from achieving what I wanted,

so I moved it.

I would never have had that moment if it wasn’t for the self-discipline of saying “F*ck you” to my excuses of wanting to be lazy and to “just chill”. Over the years, there were days I wanted to rest, stay home, hangout with friends, or do something other than work out. Some of these days I actually set PR’s (Personal Record’s), like my body was rewarding me for pushing through the excuses. I sacrificed fun for my goals, and I wouldn’t ever change that, and don’t plan to.

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