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We’ve all heard to work SMARTER not harder. Well, there’s truth to that.

Both in Project Management, as well as physical fitness, we create goals or tasks using SMART principles. After all, a physiological goal can be counted as a project, right? Anyhow, here’s how to make it happen.


There’s very little chance, if at all, an objective can be reached if it is not exact. If your goal is to “lose weight” or “look good for the beach” then this isn’t exactly specific. Instead, try incorporating specific:

Body fat percentage

Target weight

Target date


“I want to gain a few pounds of muscle.” So, what’s a few pounds? Are you looking to base your gains off of what the scale says, or want to utilize tape measure methods to analyze your body fat percentage along with your new weight to make sure you truly gained muscle instead of mostly fat. In order to quantize, and make it easier to measure your gains, or losses, you can utilize these to quantize your progress at home!

A scale

Tape Measure Methods

Skin fold Calipers

Check this $9.99 caliper and tape combo from Amazon!


Make sure when zeroing in on your goal, that you can achieve it, safely that is. One should not expect to gain 10 pounds of muscle in only two months. If you’re looking to lose weight, a safe rate is roughly 1-2 pounds per week. A healthy and effective rate of gaining muscle is about 1-2 pounds per month, for men and .5-1 pound per month, for women. Anymore than that should be done under a Licensed Health Care Professional.

Men gaining muscle: 1-2 lbs per month

Women gaining muscle: .5-1 lbs per month

Losing weight: 1-2 lbs per week.

Life is a marathon, don’t sprint it.


Is your vertebral system capable of supporting a 500 lb squat in two months if your current 1 rep maximum is 285? You can go ahead, but have fun in the emergency room due to a slipped disc or fractured vertebrae. If anything, believe that you can do something, then put in the work to safely achieve it.

There is nothing worse than trying to jump three steps ahead, only to be carried back 10.


Without a definite timeline, how are you going to measure your actual progress and compare to your planned progress? If you don’t have a definite end date slapping you in the face, how are you going to double down onto the work to achieve your goals?

Ex: I will lose 1 pound per week, for a total of 20 pounds over the course of 20 weeks ending on September 20th.

Now we have all the criteria needed to put together a successful goal and here’s an example:

“I will lose 1 pound per week, over the course of 20 weeks, for a total of 20 pounds by eating 2200 calories, 150g protein, 400g carbs and 40g fat combined with 40 minutes of resistance training and 30 minutes of cardio each day.”

In this example, we’ve quantized each component of time, nutrition, exercise, progress and end goal.


  • WhyToStop

    December 14, 2018 @ 10:11 am

    Thank you for this post.. got to learn something new… setting goal demands being practical

    • MorenoFit

      December 14, 2018 @ 11:03 pm

      Absolutely! I’m glad I was able to provide something new to you!

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