Cut 2019 | 2 DAYS IN

Last Sunday, January 6th, I got my grocery list to start the next phase in my fitness journey, the 2019 Cut.

August, 2018

I was torn between cutting or bulking. I had just finished up with a 6 week powerlifting program. I ate an absolute ton of food, and was lifting heavier weights. I gained strength, and of course, some size. I didn’t have a goal in mind of deadlifting a certain amount of weight or anything. I just knew I was going to produce more power than when I had started. Which was the case.

I should have set SMART goals, learn how to set your own here


September, 2018

Today was the day I had decided I was going to add muscle. However hard I had to train, and eat whatever I had to. I was going to gain as much muscle as I can in three months. Arguably not that much time looking back on it. I had a rather hectic schedule between classes, and working. I made do best that I could between lifting 5-6 days a week either 6 am or 6 pm.

September 10, 2018

I had weighed in at 199.8 lbs. It was time to attack the goal of 210 by December 15th.

Not everyday was perfect. I didn’t count macros, or calories. Some call it “hard gaining.” I would eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, maybe a snack. The days that my eating schedule would be messed up, and end up not eating for several hours on end, I would make sure to make up the calories with more calorie dense foods.

December 15th, 2018

Chubby season was over. I had weighed in at 212.8, gained some gut of course. Skipped a lot of cardio, Rest In Peace to me now making up for that. I had met and exceeded my planned goal though!

It was time for a three week rest. I eased up on my workouts, to a more comfortable intensity, and when I was hungry, no more and no less. More so a short maintenance phase.

January 6th, 2019

Above video is the grocery haul for the initial week of my 2019 cut. I plan on documenting more than creating in order to have a quicker turn around for the videos and be able to create more content.

January 8th, 2019

Second day of the cut. Almost all of my unplanned food is out of the house. I still have a popcorn tin given to me as a Christmas present on the floor by my couch, maybe I should get rid of that huh. Today was a leg workout including some HIIT:

5 minute stair step warm-up
dynamic stretching / warm-ups

Rotational lunge x5 each side
Kettlebell swing x10
Step-up jump x 10 each side
Plank Jacks x10
Repeat for 4 rounds.

Followed by resistance and bodyweight exercises:
Leg extension 12×2
Leg curl 12×2
Seated calf raise 12×3
Leg bridge (Bodyweight) 12×3

Looking back, I should have planned the HIIT to be at the end of my workout, which happens to be my favorite time for cardio.

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