MACROS | How To Lose/Gain

It’s tough to lose weight, and tougher for some to gain. For most, it can be broken down into a numbers game. This is where calories and macros come into play.

Creatine & Why You Should Use It

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements to date. It’s naturally occurring in red meats, seafood and even our bodies and can actually assist in rehabilitation efforts.


Week 1 Day 1 Starting weight: 212.6 lbsDay 7 weigh-in: 209.8 lbsAverage weight: 212.06 lbs Guess I was rather full on that first way in. My digestive system cleaned out during the week after eating quite a bit cleaner and less food. The first week of this cut was challenging, but not so much because […]

Cut 2019 | 2 DAYS IN

Last Sunday, January 6th, I got my grocery list to start the next phase in my fitness journey, the 2019 Cut. August, 2018 I was torn between cutting or bulking. I had just finished up with a 6 week powerlifting program. I ate an absolute ton of food, and was lifting heavier weights. I gained […]


There WILL come a time when your body adapts to your training. The way we combat this is through changing up several variables. Whip out your notebooks, kids.

Discipline Over Laziness

I wanted to sweat; I was ready to put blood on that bar like it was holding me back from achieving what I wanted,

so I moved it.